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Muccino Amatulli is a professional image-maker active across Italy and abroad.

Originally from Apulia, he lives in Rome since 10 years, where the ascent of his career began: pandering his love for art, beauty and fashion, he succeeded in turning his passion into his profession and, at the young age of 17, he was appointed the position of Director at a renowned hairdressing salon in the heart of Parioli, one of Rome's most elegant neighbourhoods.

His enthusiasm, together with the desire to learn and the motivation to fulfilment at the various facets of his professional world, led him - two years later - to get a diploma and to specialise in cinema, photography and special effects make-up techniques at the "Gil Cagnè - Jean Klébert Academy", where he later workedas a make-up artist.

From that moment on, his curriculum starts filling up with a long series of important assignments and experiences in the cinema and television industry, in photo shootings and, nonetheless, in his teaching commitment to different regional academies, including the "Centro di Formazione Futura" in Monopoli.

In 2005, he takes the first steps into the show business world working as an image consultant for Eleonora Daniele, TV presenter at RAI, the Italian public broadcaster. Soon after, he began his collaboration - lasted 3 years - with the TV channel LA7, taking care of the image of Daniele Luttazzi in "Decameron", Luisella Costamagna in "In onda", and of the Trio Medusa in "La Gaia scienza".

In 2008, he held the make-up artist and hair stylist position for the filming of the "Tod's" spot starring a stunning Gwyneth Paltrow directed by Dennis Hopper.

In 2011, he worked as a hair stylist for the shooting of "To Rome with Love" by Mario Testino for Vogue America.

His passion for cinema brought him to work on several movies, among the most recent: in 2013, "Amiche Da Morire" by Giorgia Farina with Claudia Gerini, Cristiana Capotondi, Sabrina Impacciatore and Vinicio Marchioni; in 2012, "Pazze di me" by Fausto Brizzi with Loretta Goggi, Francesco Mandelli, Chiara Francini, Claudia Zanella and Marina Rocco; in 2011, "Com'è bello far l'amore", also directed by Fausto Brizzi with Fabio de Luigi, Claudia Gerini, Filippo Timi and Giorgia Wurth.

In 2013, he also provided for the costumes of the touring theatre show "Lui e Lei" by Federico Moccia with Gabriele Cirilli, Roberta Giarrusso and Federica Nargi. Concurrently, he got involved in the making of "Style Bus", a new makeover show for the television signed DeAgostini and produced by Magnolia TV, in which he creates an entirely renewed look for the participants, from personalised make-up to the selection of new outfits, trying to get along with the taste of the young "Stylists for one day", real protagonists of the show.

He currently collaborates as a fashion editor for several fashion editorials commissioned by "Marcopolo", magazine produced by Gruppo LT Multimedia, partnership which allows him to combine the passion for his work to that - not least - for travel, taking him to Malaysia with the actress Katy Saunders, to Paris with Elisa Isoardi, and to Greece with Vanessa Hessler.